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Find Hope & Support


Find Hope & Support

You are loved. You are worthy of hope.

Healing is possible.

Whether you had an abortion, or you are the partner, family member, friend, or medical staff involved in an abortion, KNOW THIS…

Everyone’s journey to healing is unique. However it began, it can end with hope. 


Hearts Restored will help you find the next step in your personal journey after abortion.
  • Discover you aren't alone on this journey.

  • Share your story with a trained mentor or mental health professional.

  • Find peace attending a retreat.

  • Seek understanding and forgiveness talking to a priest.


Take the first step on your journey of healing. Contact Hearts Restored to come up with a plan for healing that is right for you. 

It's time to restore your heart. Find hope and support.

CALL the confidential hotline: 402-783-HOPE (4673)

EMAIL the confidential inbox:

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